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Ray Loewe

I consider myself to be the Luckiest Guy in the World because I'm living the life I personally designed. I'm 78 years old and have in a career I love. I've been able to structure that career so I can stay as long as I wish. It allows me to take time to stay healthy, travel and pursue hobbies and things that I'm passionate about.

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About this course

We are all born with specific talents. If we know them and develop skills and education that support those talents, they become strengths. Like our inborn instincts, working and living within our strengths creates a life that not only energizes us and allows us to excel, it also brings value to others. 

This course is designed to identify your five strongest talents/strengths to arm you with more information you need to know about yourself so you can feel like The Luckiest Guy in the World.