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Ray Loewe

I consider myself to be the Luckiest Guy in the World because I'm living the life I personally designed. I'm 78 years old and have in a career I love. I've been able to structure that career so I can stay as long as I wish. It allows me to take time to stay healthy, travel and pursue hobbies and things that I'm passionate about.

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About this course

This course is designed to put you on the path to feeling like The Luckiest Guy/Gal in the World. In order to create your personal Game Plan and Play Book, you need to have a good handle on who you are and what energizes you, how you work best and what value you bring to others. 

This course starts by helping you identify the instincts you were born with. When you work within your instinctive behavior in both your business and personal life, you have more mental energy to dedicate to what you are doing. You generally will do your best and enjoy what you are doing.